How to keep bugs away from outdoor furniture?

A perfect outdoor relaxation comes with a comfortable set of outdoor furniture. However, this can’t be achieved when there are bugs crawling and have decided to make a home on your furniture. You know how annoying bugs can be. 

Outdoor furniture such as the ones in your patio doesn’t attract bugs because of their materials. Bugs are attracted to outdoor furniture because of the many fine holes and cracks that are mostly the styles and designed preferred for outdoor furniture. These types of furniture provide plenty of nesting area for bugs. These designs also offer many hiding places which are favourable to bugs.

You can tell that you are having bug problems in your outdoor furniture if you see signs like webs, wood shavings, wasp combs, feces, stained furniture, and others. Since there are different kinds of bugs, it would be hard to pinpoint what kind of bug there is unless you have a piece of solid evidence.

So how do you keep bugs away from your outdoor furniture?

Clean as you go

A messy patio with lots of food crumbs is an invitation to bugs. In addition, you are attracting other pests too. Even the smallest piece of food can invite an ecosystem of bugs. Cleaning after spending time outdoor, especially after you had a meal at your patio can go along way to preventing bug infestation.


Vacuuming work wonders in getting rid of the bugs in your outdoor furniture. The vacuum can suck even the tiniest bug that’s hiding in your furniture. It can also suck up other debris and waste that bugs may feed on.

Just as you vacuum your indoor furnishing regularly, you should also do this on your outdoor furniture. Make it a habit to vacuum regularly to suck up bugs and other debris to prevent infestation.

Aside from using a vacuum, you can also use a steam cleaner or pressure washer. Both of these methods can kill the bugs and blast away eggs from your furniture. Most outdoor furniture is laminated to withstand weather elements such as sun exposure so just make sure that your furniture won’t be damaged if you use a steam cleaner.

Cover your outdoor furniture

The reason why there are covering sold in the market is to protect your outdoor furniture, not only from the sun or the rain but also from the bugs and other pests. Most covers are made of fabric or vinyl, which can help drive the pest away. Invest in covering that can cover your furniture completely that will shield your furniture from predators.

Use essential oils

Essential oils can be a great help in keeping the bugs away. If you want to have a pest-free patio, then use essential oils because they are very effective. Note that oils can be wash away by rain or lose their efficacy when exposed to sunlight, so reapplying every week or depending on your weather condition.

You can dilute a few drops of oil in water and place it on a sprayer. Spray the solution under the chairs, under the tables and other openings in your furniture. Always try the solution first by applying it on a hidden part to see how your furniture or the fabric will going to react. If the solution doesn’t seem to damage the fabric or the furniture, then it should be safe to apply it.

Hire pest control service

If you still keep seeing bugs or signs in your patio, then it would be best to call a pest control north shore sydney. Professionals are experts in finding the source of infestation as well as identifying the best method to treat the problem. You need professionals to handle this kind of problem to make sure that your outdoor furniture will be protected and eliminating bugs problems will be effective.

Some bugs issues need a few sessions to eliminate them. So you need to be patient and follow the advice from your pest controller and do necessary actions to keep bugs away.  Soon you’ll have a pest-free patio where you can fully relax and have peace of mind knowing there won’t be bugs bothering you.

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