Responsible Ways to Dispose off Office Plastic

Part of running a successful company is running a company that behaves in an environmentally responsible manner. If you wish for your company to be genuinely environmental, it is essential that you implement a recycling programme in your office.

Shredder and Documents

You can work with guidelines set by your local municipality to know how to handle most materials like paper or electronics. You may also get information regarding the disposal of plastic office waste from them or from a local waste management company that responsibly handles paper recycling.

Set up special bins in your office. Make sure to label them clearly so that everyone will know which bins are for regular trash and which bins are for paper or plastic.

Special Office Plastic Concerns

Plastics can come from more than just water bottles. Your office is filled with plastics such as those that contain ink.

Once your inkjet and toner cartridges are empty they must be disposed of properly. Check with your council for details about where to send your used ink cartridges. You cannot simply remove the ink or clean the container out and recycle it. These must be taken to the appropriate centres and handled correctly. There are specialised companies which provide plastic shredder for this purpose.

Most companies will take your used ink cartridges and their plastic containers for free. Check with one near you to find out what the minimum is for free pick up. Also, ask if you can get a waste transfer note each time a pick up is completed.

Other plastics such as those which serve as inboxes, pencil holders or other desk accessories can often be disposed of in an ordinary plastic recycling bin container. As long as they do not contain any debris, ink or other chemical residues, they can be treated just like regular plastic containers.

Double check how your municipality handles all types of recycling waste. Your plastics are going to be treated much the same as any other type except for ink cartridges. Electronics are also handled differently even though many of them, such as calculators or other devices, are housed in plastic. They still have to be sent to the correct place for responsible disposal. You can find out where to send them with the help of your local recycling authority.

Involve the janitorial department by setting up a formal plastics recycling programme. They need to be aware of what goes where when plastics must be disposed of as well. They should not put empty cleaning containers in the plastic bins unless they have been thoroughly cleaned out.

Your janitorial team must also know when the wrong trash has been placed in the wrong bins around the office so that they can sort the items and put them where they belong. They must also let you know so that you can inform your employees where things go and why. When everyone is aware of what the rules are, you can better adhere to them and properly sort your recycling plastics for responsible disposal outside the premises.

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